Why you should consider starting your estate plan early

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Estate Planning

Planning for the future is a wise, responsible endeavor. While it may seem too soon to begin the estate planning process, adults of all ages should have a will and other key documents.

Reviewing the benefits of estate planning can help you understand why you should start sooner rather than later.

Clarity of intentions

An estate plan allows you to clearly state your intentions for asset distribution. You can document your preferred beneficiaries and their inheritance.

A clear will can remove some of the stress from an emotionally challenging time for your family. Clarity ensures your heirs will be able to carry out your wishes after you die. It also minimizes family conflicts about how they should share estate assets.

Protection for dependents

If you have children, early estate planning safeguards their well-being. You can establish guardianship arrangements in case you cannot care for them in the future. You can also set up trusts to provide financial security, meeting your children’s needs even in your absence.

Tax efficiency

Early estate planning can help you minimize tax liabilities for your heirs. You can advantage of available exemptions and plan the orderly transfer of assets, factors that can reduce the tax burden of the estate.

Health care directives

In addition to financial matters, estate planning encompasses health care directives. You can document your wishes for medical treatment in case you become incapacitated. Having these instructions can reduce stress and uncertainty for loved ones.

Peace of mind

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of early estate planning is the peace of mind it can offer. Knowing your affairs are in order and that you have provided for loved ones often brings a sense of security and tranquility.

Flexibility for changing circumstances

Starting the estate planning process early lets you adapt as circumstances evolve. You can update your plan to accommodate life events such as marriage, the birth of children or changes in financial status.

Many younger adults are realizing the benefits of estate planning. About 27% of millennials reported having a will in 2021, up from just 16% a year before. Early estate planning is a thoughtful way to invest in your loved ones and your future.