Guardianship: What You Need To Know

When starting a family, it can be difficult to imagine life without your loved ones. However, in order to make sure they are protected should an unforeseen accident happen, guardianships are necessary. The Hinson Law Firm, P.A., has worked with clients throughout Florida. We are here to help you make informed decisions about the future.

Who Needs A Guardian?

Guardianships are used for many different purposes.  The most common instance is when an adult is unable to make decisions for themselves due to a physical or mental incapacity. A guardianship over a minor is sometimes necessary as well when the minor receives a large settlement or if their legal guardians/parents pass away. Another instance of the need for guardianship is when someone is born with a developmental disability and a guardian advocate is needed to assist them.

Being a guardian comes with a lot of responsibilities. This involves a tremendous amount of decision-making and court oversight. We’ve represented clients who act as guardians for the elderly, adults, developmentally disabled, and minor children. We are ready to assist with your guardianship needs.

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