How to ensure care for your disabled dependent after you die

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Estate Planning

When it comes to securing the future of your loved ones, especially those with disabilities, you need to plan ahead.

There are steps you can take to protect disabled dependents in your will, ensuring their financial stability and well-being.

Clearly identify beneficiaries

In your will, make sure to clearly identify the disabled dependents who will benefit from your estate. Provide their full names, relationship to you and any specific instructions for their care. This ensures that your intentions are clear and prevents your dependents from missing out on what you want for them.

Set up a special needs trust

A special needs trust is a tool that safeguards the financial interests of disabled dependents. This trust allows you to allocate funds for their needs without making them ineligible for government assistance programs like Social Security Income or Medicaid.

Appoint a trustee

Selecting a reliable trustee is necessary for managing the special needs trust effectively. The trustee distributes the funds according to your instructions and the beneficiary’s needs. This choice should be someone who has the best interests of your dependent in mind.

Be specific in your instructions

To help meet your disabled dependents’ unique needs, provide detailed instructions in your will. Outline the types of expenses the trust funds can cover, such as medical treatments, education, assistive devices and recreational activities that enhance their quality of life.

Taking steps to protect disabled dependents in your will is an act of love and responsibility. By clearly outlining your wishes and putting the measures in place, you can ensure that your dependents continue to receive the care and support they need.