What are some warning signs for an executor who may not fit?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Estate Planning

Making your estate plan often makes you think over all of the details of what heirlooms you want to give away and who should take care of your estate after you are gone. The executor has an important role in all of this since they are in charge of your debts and assets.

One way to avoid a bad fit is to learn about traits that an executor should have and warning signs that they may not work out.

Easily irritated

According to Kiplinger, an executor may need to work from another state in some cases. Whether this includes spending more time preparing documents or meeting with beneficiaries, your executor should stay respectful and collected.

This person may also need to end arguments between beneficiaries or help calm them down when they have questions. Someone who is easily annoyed may not work well in this role.


When dealing with beneficiaries, your executor should be able to handle all discussions in an unbiased way. This includes not automatically siding with one beneficiary over another.

Since beneficiaries are often family members, such as siblings, this means the executor should take special care to stay neutral and hear each side’s opinions. The time after a death in the family can be emotional, so your executor should know how to respect people who are grieving.


Since this job requires an executor who does not misuse money from your estate, someone with a history of stealing money or spending recklessly may not fit. Taking the time to learn about this person’s financial history can help you.

No matter what person you want as your executor, discussing this matter with them and thinking seriously about their personality traits is important while crafting your will.