Estate Litigation: A Complicated Topic

After a loved one passes away, it is normal for you to be emotional. When you don’t receive what you thought was coming to you, it can make things even more complicated. The Hinson Law Firm, P.A., works with people throughout Florida who are going through estate litigation.

Who Can Contest A Will?

Estate litigation cases can be notoriously difficult. Since the person who created the estate is no longer alive, it is impossible to ask them to clarify. In order to contest a will, you must meet certain requirements. A beneficiary generally has standing to dispute a will. It gets tricky for those who are not listed but believe they should have inherited something. We must prove that you are entitled to some part of the estate. Children, heirs, and spouses are the most common people to run into these issues.

Our goal is to get what you feel is rightfully yours. It’s important to know that during this time, emotions are often running high. We will do everything we can to resolve issues peacefully. When that can’t be done, we will not hesitate to go to court. Your best interest is our top priority. If you think your loved one created a plan under duress, was not mentally competent, or was under someone else’s influence, you may have a case. We can discuss all of your options.

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