Protecting Your Assets Through A Will Or Trust

Wills and trusts are documents used to make sure your wishes are met after you pass away. Creating them involves making difficult decisions. The Hinson Law Firm, P.A., is here to provide you with the information you need when creating a will or trust in Florida.

What Is A Will Or Trust? How Can It Help Me?

When it comes to documenting how you wish to distribute your estate, wills are the most commonly used. One of the major advantages of a will is that it can help your loved ones avoid probate. This is often a long process that can be time-consuming and expensive. A will clearly states where you want your property to go. Instead of going through probate, the property goes to the intended beneficiary. It’s important to know that sometimes probate is inevitable. We can examine your situation and explain this further.

Trusts are also useful, depending on your goals. There are many different types, and it all depends on your unique situation. For those who have family members with special needs, you can help take care of them in the future. Others may wish to set up an education trust to help a loved one with school. We can look at your assets and determine what is in your best interest.

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