What should you consider when choosing a guardian?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Estate Planning

After having children, you may need to revisit your estate plan. Creating a will is essential to ensuring that someone you approve cares for your children if you die.

A guardian is a person you give legal purview over your children. Choosing someone to take on this responsibility is not always easy. Follow along and get tips on what you can do to help lessen the anxiety surrounding such an important decision.

What should you look for in a guardian?

If you do not have someone who immediately jumps to mind as a potential guardian, do not stress. Spend some time prioritizing the qualities you want in potential guardians. Make a list and consider those people who fit. Consider things such as:

  • Parenting styles
  • Priorities that align, such as education, extracurricular, etc.
  • High level of responsibility
  • Willingness to raise your children
  • Current work-life balance

Should you always choose a relative?

Is a relative always the ideal guardian? While leaving your children in the care of someone who shares a blood relation may rank high, it is not always ideal. First, you need to consider the age of the guardian. If your parents are older or your siblings are younger, it may not align with the level of care your children will need.

Do you talk about it with them first?

After you hone in on one or two possible guardians, you should sit down and have a conversation. Let them know your situation and what your plans are. You may become surprised by a reluctance to take on the role in your first or second choice. If this is the case, do not take this as a rejection of your children. Move forward with the next person on your list.

Choosing a guardian is a serious decision. Do not rush forward with just anyone who crosses your mind.